Australasian Mathematical Psychology Conference 2019

Storyline visualizations for eye tracking data

Leslie Blaha
Airman Systems Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory
Dustin Arendt
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Tim Balint
TU Delft
Joe Houpt
Wright State University

In this talk, I’ll review work on data driven clustering and visualizing sets of eye tracking data to capture patterns in dynamic tasks. Storyline visualization is a technique that captures the spatiotemporal characteristics of individual entities and simultaneously illustrates emerging group behaviors. We developed a storyline visualization leveraging dynamic time warping to parse and cluster eye tracking sequences. Visualization of the results captures the similarities and differences across a group of observers performing a common task. We applied our storyline approach to gaze patterns of people watching dynamic movie clips. We use these to illustrate variations in the spatio-temporal patterns of observers as captured by different data encoding techniques. We illustrate that storylines further aid in the identification of modal patterns and noteworthy individual differences within a corpus of eye tracking data.